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Blogsy is a super-fast blogging platform which generate SEO-ready blogs effortlessly, without the need for setup or maintenance.

"Write more, worry less: Let Blogsy take care of the rest!"

Blogsy ensures that your blog loads quickly, and looks visually appealing to your readers and following technical and on-page SEO checklist.

If you don't have Blogsy account, checkout this documentation for How to create Blogsy Account

Navigate to Blog Sites Page from this link: https://app.blogsy.co/ It will show the page similar the the following image. Now click on Create New Blog button.

It will show the following Add Blog Site dialog. Enter the required infromation like Blog Site Name, Blog Site Slug and Description and then click on Create button.

Your blog will be ready in 30 secs. It takes 30 seconds to setup everything. Once your blog will be ready that link will become active and you can click on that link to see the generated blog.

You can manage posts, pages, categories, tags, menu, settings and connect domain from the Dashboard of that Blog Site. You can click on View Dashboard to navigate to dashboard page.

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Any questions or feedback, Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team support@blogsy.co

Happy blogging with Blogsy!

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