Category feature in Blogsy allows you to categorize your blog posts into different categories, helping your readers find content that interests them more easily.

Navigate to Categories link from the side bar.

Add Category

Click on Add Category button

Enter the Category Name and if you want to show Category on Blog Home Page then check Show On Home Page checkbox .

Then Click on Create button

Update Category

To update any existing Category, click on Edit button.

It will show the Edit Category dialog

Update the information that you want to change and then click on Update button.

Delete Category

To delete the category, click on Delete button

The confirmation dialog will be shown like following:

Click on Yes to delete the category or Cancel it.

How to assign Category to Blog Post

Once you have create the category, you can navigate to Blog Post Editor Page for which you want to assign the category.

Within the blog post editor page, there is Category dropdown on the right sidebar. Select the Category that you want to assign to Blog Post.

How to show Category on Blog Site Home Page

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