The navigation bar, often referred to as the menu, is a crucial element of your blog site. It guides visitors to different sections and pages, enhancing their user experience and allowing easy access to relevant content.

Blogsy offers a versatile and user-friendly way to customize and manage the navigation menu on your blog site.

Navigate to Menu from the sidebar, it will show the following Menus page.

Add Menu

To add new menu item in navigation bar, click on Add Menu

It will show the following dialog. You'll need to provide a Menu Name, Destination URL, Sort Order and if you want to show menu item as a button then check that Show As Button checkbox and then click on Create button.

Edit Menu

To update any existing menu, click on Edit button.

It will show the Edit Menu dialog and update any fields that you want to modify and then click on Update button.

Delete Menu

To delete Menu, click on Delete button

And the Delete Confirmation dialog will be shown. Click on Yes to delete the Menu or Cancel it.

Any questions or feedback, Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team

Happy blogging with Blogsy!

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