Tag is a descriptive keyword or phrase assigned to a blog post to categorize and label its content.

Tags help organize and group related articles, making it easier for readers to find and explore specific topics on your blog.

They also contribute to improved SEO by enhancing content discoverability and providing a structured way to navigate your blog.

Navigate to Tags

Create Tag

Click on Add Tag button on top right side.

It show the following dialog

Enter the Tag Name and Click on Create button.

Now Marketing tag will now be available for use in your blog posts.

Edit Tag

To update any existing Tag, click on Edit button

and update the Tag Name and click on Update button as following

Delete Tag

To Delete the tag click on Delete button

It will show the delete confirmation dialog like following.

Click on Yes if you want to delete the tag or Cancel it if you don't want to delete the tag.

Any questions or feedback, Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team support@blogsy.co

Happy blogging with Blogsy!

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